Online Services

Virtually all people begin their search for real estate online, especially those who are qualified and interested in buying real estate in Park City.  That is why I employ a number of powerful and innovative ways to expand my contact with qualified buyers and distribute listings through both real estate and other social networks.  Contact me to learn the specifics of what I can provide, but here is a short list of some of my services: - is Park City Sotheby's main site.  All of my listings are distributed here and are searchable by any person who visits this site. - The central hub to my online efforts, my clients properties are prominently displayed throughout, and I use my site to find buyers for my sellers.  A full Park City MLS search is also available on my site, meaning you can find any property for sale at any time.

Property Microsites - The shortcoming of traditional marketing methods like direct mail, or newspaper ads is they are limited in scope and typically serve the interest of an agent over that of a seller.  For qualified listings I create a property specific microsite that is devoted to selling this property.  This powerful service allows me to distribute my listings through my various networks to qualified buyers.  Never before has there been such a targeted way to showcase a property and get it in front of the right buyers.  Visit a sample microsite here >>

Direct Email Campaigns - I reach out to my existing clients and friends and am always working to expand my reach.  Direct email campaigns allow to to distribute my listings.

Social Networks - Facebook, LinkedIn, ActiveRain, Twitter and more are all employed as part of my real estate marketing services.  Also, all of my listings can be distributed to over 100 various social networks, bookmarking services and other sharing services.

Listing Distribution through services like Listhub - I distribute my listings across hundreds of networks and share information with agents and brokerages across the country.  I also participate in services like, Google Base, Zillow, Trulia and more.